Khartoum, Mar. 5 (SUNA) – The Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General and Head of the United Nations Integrated Transition Assistance Mission in Sudan (UNITAMS), Volker Perthes, said that after sitting with 110 political entities and 800 political figures, he can say that the outcome of these first meetings has produced structures that will reach a stage that opens the way for choosing an agreed prime minister who can manage what the remainder of the transitional period, as he put it, pointing to the necessity of holding a second phase to complete what was done in the first phase.

Interviewed by Sudan Television on Saturday evening, Volker stated that he met with all the forces in the political arena represented by the military component, headed by the President of the Transitional Sovereignty Council, Gen. Abdul- Fattah Al-Burhan, all the political parties, the civil society organizations, the resistance committees, representatives of states of Darfur, Kordofan and the North, two representatives of the women and civil society organizations, and that everyone agreed on the issue of Sudan stability and the need for a solution political solution to the crisis through dialogue and the establishment of peace.

He stressed that the matter requires political will, and that agreement was achieved on the essence of the issues, but there is difference in the details, indicating that there was agreement on the Sovereignty Council and there was disagreement over its composition, and that there was agreement the Legislative Assembly, but there was disagreement over the office holders.

Perthes stressed that his role is a facilitating one and aims to help the Sudanese people reach a solution to the crisis away from any solution that comes from outside and is imposed on them, saying, "The solutions that stem from within the national entity remain sustainable solutions, unlike the imposed solutions”.

He pointed to the importance of creating a single national army that includes all armed movements.

He explained that coordination is taking place between the United Nations, the African Union and IGAD, while communication is taking place with former Prime Minister, Abdalla Hamdok, who is abroad, and that his initiative for dialogue through the round table remains on the table, and that the process of reactivating it requires political will and an appropriate atmosphere to hold the dialogue


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