Khartoum, Feb. 28 (SUNA) – The Head of the UN Integrated Transition Assistance Mission for Sudan, Volker Perthes, stressed that the solution of the Sudanese political crisis shall come from the Sudanese themselves.

In a recording on the United Nations website on Monday about the mission's report and its performance and findings in its first phase, Volker affirmed that the United Nations Mission in Sudan has held 110 meetings during the past weeks, through which it heard more than 800 participants from various cities of Sudan, adding that the mission received about 80 written national initiatives on the Sudanese crisis. He thanked, on behalf of the United Nations Mission in Sudan, all the participants in the consultations launched by the mission, especially the young men and women who came from outside the capital.

He explained that said that the consultations that were made had emphasized the diversity of the unique Sudanese fabric and its contribution to the political and social issues that pose a challenge to the process of democratic transition, noting that the visions and theses received by the mission will contribute to achieving the next steps in the democratic transition.

He pointed out that the slogan of the December Revolution of (freedom, peace, and justice) was inspiring to the whole world and opened the way for the tripartite transition from dictatorship to democracy, from wars to comprehensive peace, and from economic management to sustainable development.

Volker indicated that the United Nations was committed to providing support to the Sudanese in the process of democratic transition, therefore, Security Council Resolution No. 24-25 of 2020 came to establish the UNITAMS mission.

He stated that the mission is working to find solutions in cooperation with the African Union and the IGAD organization and to reach the desired results, renewing the mission's support for the democratic transition and civil governance in Sudan, saying that "You will not walk alone in this path”.


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