Kassala, Nov. 5 (SUNA) – The acting Wali (governor) of Kassala State and Secretary General of the state’s government, Fathal-Rahman Al-Amin, announced that the borders between Kassala State and Ethiopia have been closed as of today (Thursday) until further notice.

The decision to close the borders comes in view of the security tensions that Ethiopia is witnessing these days at Tigray region, which is adjacent to Kassala State.

The acting Wali (governor) said that he will leave to the area of Wad Al-Hilaiu Locality, which is adjacent to Ethiopia, to inspect the situation there and to take the necessary measures in this connection, stressing that the authorities will not allow any individuals or groups holding weapons to enter Kassala State.

He added that said that a committee that will be formed to determine the method of dealing with the civilians who might seek refuge in Sudanese territories.


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