Khartoum, Aug. 21 (SUNA) - The Acting Undersecretary of the Ministry of Culture and Information, Dr. Nasr El-Din Ahmed Mohamed, noted that a Sudanese delegation has visited Federal Russia capital, Moscow, during the period between 16-19 August, within the framework of the two countries Joint Committee, to develop relations and cooperation in many fields, including culture, media, energy, industry, geology, infrastructure and other fields.

He noted in a press statement following his return from Russia this evening, that memoranda of understanding were submitted to the Russian side, which will be studied and responded to later, in preparation for the final signing of them and then entry into force, in areas including tourism, looking forward to attracting the Russian citizen to Sudan multicultural and ancient cultures, as well as cooperation in the media field to establish media centers, and in the field of culture, to cooperate in the field of theater, music, children’s culture, intellectual property and literary works.

He added that the memorandum of understanding included working to train Sudanese cadres in these areas, establishing an infrastructure for practicing different arts, working to upgrade the tourism infrastructure in Sudan, and building tourist facilities, hotels and roads in order to attract the Russian citizen who is looking forward to visiting Sudan cultural heritage and its glorious ancient monuments.

He pointed out to memoranda of understanding for cooperation in the fields of exchanging goods, developing services and establishing infrastructure in order to benefit from the various Sudanese resources and provide better services to the Sudanese citizen.



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