Khartoum, November  18 (SUNA) - The Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued Saturday a press statement, in which stated that the rebel militia committed a crime in south of Khartoum, by bombarding thethe bridge of  Jabal Awliya reservoir .  Hereunder Sudan News Agency (SUNA) publishes the text of the statement: -


Ministry of Foreign Affairs,office of the Spokesperson and Information Department, press Statement.


The Foreign Ministry condemns the heinous terrorist crime committed by the rebel Militia at dawn today by bombing the bridge of  Jabal Awliya reservoir  south of Khartoum, which caused its destruction.


This shameful crime once again underscores that the Militia’s goal now  is   to destroy the country:  its strategic institutions, humanitarian facilities, and infrastructure, having despaired of seizing  power and  been unable to confront the Sudanese Armed Forces militarily.


This terrorist crime coincides with the continuating massacres by the Militia of civilians in safe towns and villages in different areas of the country.


New atrocities by the Militia have been documented  in West Darfur State as it continues its ethnic cleansing crimes by massacring  displaced people and those fleeing its terror,  burying some alive. 


In addition, the Militia attacked  safe  villages of Al-Gammoiyya community , southwest of Omdrman,  killing large numbers of villagers in cold blood. It has further  continued its indiscriminate shelling of safe residential areas within Greater Omdurman.


The unrestrained persistence of the disbande RSF to perpetrate these atrocities does not give the international community and the competent international and regional organizations any excuse not to classify it as a terrorist organization, and take firm measures against those who provide it with any kind of assistance, support or sympathy to help it continuing its crimes against Sudan, its citizens and capabilities.

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