Port Sudan, May 17 (SUNA) - The Director of the Sudanese Customs Forces, Lt. General Police Hasab Al-Karim Adam Al-Nour has said that the logistical operations in receiving and clearing commercial goods, medicines and relief materials are proceeding in full speed through several facilities and decisions that facilitate the work within the current circumstances.

Lt. Gen. Al-Nour affirmed that the presence of the Minister of Finance and Economic Planning in Port Sudan led to the issuance of many decisions that would facilitate the work flow, adding that the customs forces in all their units work in harmony with the relevant authorities, especially the Ministry of Finance and specialized departments and bodies, pointing out that the officers, non-commissioned officers and soldiers of the  Customs forces work day and night in diligent way to clear goods and ease the flow of necessary commodities and medicines. 

It is noteworthy that the Minister of Finance and the Director of the Customs Forces are present in the Red Sea State and are working to intensify efforts to manage the current crisis so that the country exits to safety zone. BH/BH 

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