Khartoum, September 3 (SUNA) - General Command of the Armed Forces, Office of the Spokesperson, issued Sunday the daily situation report on military operations progress. Hereunder Sudan News Agency (SUNA) publishes the orginal text of the report:

General Command of the Armed Forces Sunday, 3rd September 2023

Situation report 

In continuation of its terrorist behaviour and crimes against civilians, the militia of the rebel Hemedti carried out indiscriminate shelling on Al-makawir, Aljarafa and Wad Al-Bakhit villages in Karari in northern Omdurman leading to the death of thirteen civilians and the injury of others. This is a repeated behaviour in pattern with the war crimes that the militia commits against civilians since its rebellion against the state. 

In the same context, the militia attacked Almasid and opened fire indiscriminately on civilians in the area, leading to the death of three civilians and the injury of others. It’s worth mentioning that the area has no regular forces which proves that the militia deliberately targets unarmed civilians in its war against the Sudanese people. 

Our forces fought with the militia in Al-Lamab in Al-Shagara, and our forces were able to kill five rebels and injure six others and capture a number of weapons. 

Our forces continue their planned mission with close surveillance of the intention of the enemy and our forces are fully prepared to deal with them inside and outside the central capital.

Our prayers for heaven and eternity to our glorious martyrs  Speedy recovery to those injured  Victory from Allah is near 

Office of the spokesperson of the armed forces

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