Khartoum, August 30 (SUNA) - Hereunder Sudan News Agency (SUNA) publishes the text of the Situation Report issued by the Office of the spokesperson of the armed forces:

General Command of the Armed Forces  Wednesday, 30th August 2023

Situation report

Our forces in Al-Azrag region with the help of Allah crushed a treacherous attack by the Sudan’s People Liberation Movement and inflicted on them huge losses in terms of personnel and equipment.

The 5th infantry division in Elobeid today clashed with the rebel militia which tried to enter the western part of the city. Our forces forced them to flee after destroying four fighter vehicles and capturing several others and inflicting death and injuries among the rebels. The enemy launched intense artillery shelling on parts of the city, leading to the death and injury of a number of civilians. 

In continuation of its violations against civilians, the rebel militia today terrorised the residents of the 5th Lane in Ombada and robbed their properties, and opened fire on residents of Al-Suliemaniya in Jebel Auwliya district to force them to flee their homes in order to take over them.

Our forces in all regions continue to monitor and deal with the enemy and are fully prepared to continue carrying out its sacred national duty in ending the rebellion until victory is achieved with Allah’s will.

May Allah accept our gracious martyrs  Our prayers for the speedy recovery of those injured.  Victory from Allah is near.

Office of the spokesperson of the armed forces

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